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Welcome to the Wauconda Township Historical Society!

The Andrew C. Cook House, standing since 1850, now houses many many artifacts of cultural and historic interest for the Wauconda Township Historical Society.  It also showcases the history of the original Cook Family and their lifestyle in a farmhouse of that period. In 1992 The Illinois State Historical Society designated the Cook House a historic site.  Our mission remains to Engage, (interact with our community and encourage them to engage in their living history), Educate ( be the conduit for historical education, genealogy and eventually research) and finally to Enrich (hopefully all who visit the WTHS will leave with a full experience and better understanding of their history, inherited or chosen).

With all of our programs we hope to attract those whose roots are firmly planted by generation in this Township as well as those who have recently chosen this area for their family to live and put down roots.  Come and learn about your chosen living history!

To do this takes a lot of imagination, hard work and commitment from our wonderful volunteers!  We hope to enlarge our active ranks by continuing our Membership efforts and recruit volunteers from visitors from Township clubs and organizations and the community at large.

We are also starting to welcome requests from schools and scouts and have started speaking to Senior and other organizations to encourage them to visit and see what’s new at the WTHS!

We are experiencing the public finally starting to knock on the door or call to ask questions and find out what’s next?  They are finally starting to realize that we are open again and not a closed up building on Main Street anymore.   We never want to see our doors closed again!  We need support to help us continue our mission, grow in size and strength and develop programs and incentives to bring in visitors and keep the interest in the Cook House alive.  Our sincerest appreciation for those who have supported us in the past and our thanks in advance for your new sponsorship.  We receive no outside funding aside from your tax deductible gifts.  You can join by calling us or by visiting the Membership link on our website,

We appreciate the Wauconda Township Board taking an interest in helping the Historical Society help us continue our efforts for the community and the preservation of our history.

 We invite you to call or email for an appointment to arrange a group or custom tour!

Book a private group or custom tour! Call 847-526-9303 or email

What’s New at the Cook House?

In early February, Jeff Carlisle of the Carlisle and Lewis Families donated an antique square grand piano manufactured between 1852 and 1855 to the WTHS! It had been in their family in Virginia for well over 100 years and is believed to have been transported into the Shenandoah Valley from Baltimore by wagon train.

We are proud and excited to be able to share with our visitors this new acquisition. Come and visit us and learn more about the piano in its new home in the Cook House Parlor.


Recently at the Wauconda Expo, we also presented our new fundraiser, Wauconda Family Album, a new book by Wauconda Township Historical Society’s lifetime member and volunteer, Neville Carr. It is a captioned pictorial collection of historic photographs of Wauconda.

Pre-orders are now available, at the sale price of $20. To pre-order your copy, please call us or email us. Payment can be made in advance by PayPal, check or cash.

Another fundraiser that benefits the Wauconda Township Historical Society is a beautiful print depicting Andrew and Mary Cook’s farm circa 1895 for only $35.00. Betty Lusk Hughes, the great, great, granddaughter of Andrew and Mary Cook, painted and signed this watercolor. She is an accomplished artist and her award winning paintings have been shown in countless juried shows. Come and see Betty’s watercolor, now hanging in the parlor of the Cook House, or purchase one yourself or for a unique gift!  Notecard packs are also available.


Please remember that we are a non-profit organization and receive NO OUTSIDE FUNDING. We are totally dependent on donations, memberships and our own fundraising efforts to continue operating. Please consider a tax deductible gift to help us move forward with our preservation, educational programs, research and events. Please become a partner in the historical preservation of your community! Find our Membership/Donation information at or on Facebook.

For other interesting historical information please visit our website page- or follow us on Facebook and Twitter: Waucondahistory