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Patricia “Pat” Oaks, CIAO- Assessor


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On October 10, 2019 Assessment Notices, also known as the “Blue Card”, will be mailed to the taxpayers of Wauconda Township. It is very important to review the values and contact my office with any questions or concerns as soon as possible.

The 30 day appeal deadline to file a formal appeal to the Lake County Board of Review will be November 12. After that deadline, my office cannot make changes to the valuation unless there is a factual error such as a data entry error.

Contact the Assessor’s Office

Homeowners are strongly encouraged to submit evidence and discuss the assessed value with my office first. Please feel free to contact my office with any questions you may have regarding your assessment. My staff and I are happy to discuss and review your assessment with you. We can evaluate the evidence and if warranted make a change to your assessment without necessitating further appeal. It is also advisable to contact my office as soon as possible; we expect to be very busy. Contact my office in person, via phone or email, contact information is below.

Quadrennial Reassessment

Quadrennial reassessment means all properties have been revalued on a uniform basis using the preceding 3 years of market sales.  This process happens once every four years.  Since the last Quadrennial Reassessment, there are segments in the real estate market that have shifted; some areas increased while others decreased.  Our 2019 assessments are reflective of the market activity. The most important objective for a Quadrennial Reassessment is to ensure that assessments are fair and equitable.

New procedures to file an on-line appeal

Starting in 2019, all property assessment appeals must be done electronically. Property owners can appeal their assessment on their own through the Lake County Board of Review. No attorney is required for a residential appeal. Appeals can be done in a few minutes by using the SmartFile E-Filing Portal.   Please visit the Lake County website for instructions and the on-line application.


2019 Senior Citizen’s Assessment Freeze Homestead Exemption

New for 2019, the total household qualification has been increased to $65,000 or less.

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