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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic’s continuing effect on the world, we here at the Assessor’s Office have determined the best way to keep our staff and the public safe during the appeal season, is to keep our lobby closed from August 13, 2020 until September 14, 2020. This in no way means we aren’t here to help you with any questions you may have regarding filing an appeal or anything else you may have concerns about. You can still contact us via phone or email. Please give us a call, Monday through Friday, 8:00-4:30 at 847.526.2881, or email Assessor Patricia Oaks at Once the 30-day period is over, we will open our lobby back up. Thank you so much in advance for your patience, as we all make adjustments to our new way of doing business.

-The Wauconda Township Assessor’s Office Team

As tax bills come out there are a few things we, at the Assessor’s Office wanted you to know:

  • As you receive your real estate tax bills please make sure you’re receiving all of the exemptions you’re entitled to. Not sure where to look? Check out the graphic below. If you find you’re missing exemptions you’re entitled to please call our office M-F 8:00-4:30.

  • The Treasurer’s Office has shared with us some easy touchless ways for you to pay your real estate tax bill. Check out the link to learn more information.
  • Assessment changes will affect your real estate taxes
    • Real estate assessment changes affect your portion of the tax burden.
    • 2019 was a general re-assessment year; every four years all properties in the County were reassessed.
    • There were certain portions of the market, such as certain neighborhoods and property types, that experienced large increases, or even large decreases in assessed value.
    • This can result in changes in real estate taxes.
    • We can address those issues, and encourage you to discuss your assessment with our office. However, the time to challenge your 2019 assessment has passed.
    • We are able to correct only physical characteristic errors at this time.

We are here to help you.  Our office is open, we can assist you via phone at 847-526-2881 from 8:00 – 4:30 Monday through Friday or via email at

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If you turn 65 years old in 2020, please come in and sign up for Senior Homested Exemptions.

The Senior Assessment  Freeze total household qualification has been increased to $65,000 or less. Senior assessments notices will NOT be mailed out. Please go to Lake County’s website or visit/call Wauconda Township Assessors office or click below for more information.

  Senior Freeze Information

Senior Citizen Assessment Freeze Application Guide using the on-line Smartfile E-Filing Portal

Senior Citizen Assessment Freeze Homestead Exemption Application Conversion Chart for 2019 Tax Returns (2020 exemption)

There are two major components of the tax system: taxation and valuation. Our office establishes the assessed value of parcels of property in the township. Taxing authorities such as school districts and municipalities are responsible for the second major component of the tax system: Taxation. They levy (impose) taxes against the property values established by the assessor. Our staff will be happy to discuss concerns or questions you may have about the tax system.


Determining Assessed Value

The purpose of assessed value is to proportion the tax burden over all taxable property in a fair and equitable manner. The assessed value of a parcel of property is set at 1/3 of its market value. Every year, our office determines the market value of each taxable parcel of property in the township. Characteristics of your property (size of lot, type of home, number of bathrooms, garage, swimming pool, etc.) and characteristics of the neighborhood are taken into consideration when determining market value.

Market Value

In General, we use three approaches to determine market value:

  • Sales approach: Compares a property to similar properties that have sold recently.
  • Cost Approach: Determines how much money it would take at current material and labor costs to replace a property with a similar one.
  • Income Approach: The value of the property is determined by its income stream or its net operating income.

Property Record Card

Once the value of a parcel of property is determined, all the information used to calculate its assessed value is placed on the Property Record Card. These cards are kept in our office and are available for your inspection.

Notice of assessed Value

The Chief County Assessment Office mails a ‘Notice of Assessed Value” to each property owner. Called the “Blue Card,” the notice includes:

The property’s location and permanent index number.
Last year’s and this year’s assessed value.
An explanation of how assessed value is determined.
Information about how to check for accuracy.
Information about how to appeal the assessment.


As noted, the Assessor’s office is not responsible for the second major component of the tax system: taxation. However, we are including a few facts about taxation and would be happy to discuss this component of the tax system in more detail with you.

Taxing Authorities

Taxing authorities include government bodies such as school districts, park districts, municipalities, library districts and the township. As taxpayers, we demand certain levels of service from these taxing bodies which are paid for through our taxes. If you are concerned about your taxes, you may wish to attend budget hearings, call or write board members, or serve as an elected official.

Tax Rate

Taxing authorities set the tax rates and levy taxes. The tax rate is calculated by dividing the amount of taxes to be raised by the total assessed value of property within the taxing authority.

Tax Spending / Total Assessed Value = Tax Rate %

Tax Bills

Tax bills are issued by the Lake County Treasurer’s Office. Taxes may be paid in two installments: the first installment due the first week of June and the second due the first week of September. The Treasurer’s office can be contacted at 847-377-2323 .

Your tax bill is calculated by multiplying your property’s assessed value by the tax rate.

Assessed Value X Tax Rate = Your Taxes

Assessor’s Links

These links are provided as references for your use

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Lake County Chief of Assessments – Property assessment information
GIS Maps Gallery – View property assessment maps
Lake County Treasurer – Real estate tax payment status
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