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Wauconda Township Cemetery

The current Wauconda Cemetery is located on Barrington Road approximately one block south of Old Rand Road (Main Street).  By 1844, Village leaders recognized the fact that the village was growing and the local burial grounds, on property owned by Justus Bangs, Esq., were now too close to local commerce.

Property was donated, and in the autumn of 1850 ground was broken, trees removed and other improvements were made to accommodate the reinternment of the dead from the original burial grounds.  The state charter for the Wauconda Cemetery Association was issued on May 7, 1872.  The association has continued in existence to the present.

Wauconda Township owns and maintains four historical cemeteries.  They are sections one, two, and three of Wauconda Cemetery, Fisher Family, Hope Grove, and Volo cemeteries.

The Fisher Family Cemetery is located on Fisher Road 1/4 mile south of Route 120, Volo.

The Hope Grove Cemetery, also formerly known as the Shaw Family Cemetery, is located several hundred feet southwest of the intersection of Route 120 and Wilson Road. It measures approximately 150 feet by 280 feet and is now located within Kettle Grove Forest Preserve.

The Volo Cemetery is located in the Village of Volo about 200 feet north of Volo Village Road on the west side of Volo-Fox Lake Road.

The Wauconda Cemetery is in the SW1/4SW1/4 of Section 25 within the city limits of the Village of Wauconda. It is located on Barrington Road, approximately 1 block south of the intersection of Route 176 (Liberty Street).

The Wauconda Cemetery Association is comprised of: 

Craig Kisselburg, Director

Lisa Knight, Secretary

Arvilla Petersen, Trustee

Louise Matthews, Trustee

 Steve Pedersen, Trustee

                                                Mark Kisselburg, Trustee                                                                  


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