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Wauconda Township Cemetery

It has never been disputed that Justus Bangs was a man of vision. Case in point is the fact that he purchased four aces of land and set them aside to be used as a burial grounds when the town of Wauconda was barely inhabited.

Whether the present Wauconda Historic Cemetery occupies the same acreage is somewhat of a mystery.

The Cemetery is located on Barrington Road in the Village of Wauconda. The Cemetery was established in 1850 and registered with the State of Illinois in 1873. The Cemetery is the burial site of the town’s early inhabitants, some Revolutionary and Civil War veterans, and sons and daughters of the founders of the town. An historical marker designating the area as an historic site is near the center front of the Cemetery.

The Cemetery Association has restored and maintains the Fisher and Volo Cemeteries, and is currently seeking to acquire other historical burial sites within the Township.The Wauconda Historical Cemetery Association was formed by referendum at the Annual Town Meeting in April, 1990.


There are currently six (6) cemeteries in Wauconda Township. They are:

The Fisher Family Cemetery is located on Fisher Road 1/4 mile south of Route 120, Volo.

The Hope Grove Cemetery, also known as the Shaw Family Cemetery, is located several hundred feet southwest of the intersection of Route 120 and Wilson Road. It measures approximately 150 feet by 280 feet.

Saint Peter’s Cemetery is located on the south side of Volo Village Road in the Village of Volo, behind Saint Peter’s Catholic Church. This cemetery is presently being maintained by the Archdiocese of Chicago and records are located at Ascension Cemetery in Libertyville, IL.

The Slocum Family Cemetery is located in the SE1/4NE1/4 of Section 28 in Wauconda Township. It is approximately 350 feet southwest of the intersection of Route 176 and Darrell Road. It measures approximately 63 feet by 57 feet as shown in the survey of June 19, 1909.

The Volo Cemetery is located in the Village of Volo about 200 feet north of Volo Village Road on the west side of Volo-Fox Lake Road.

The Wauconda Cemetery is in the SW1/4SW1/4 of Section 25 within the city limits of the Village of Wauconda. It is located on Barrington Road, approximately 1 block south of the intersection of Route 176 (Liberty Street). A state charter for the Wauconda Cemetery Association was issued on May 7, 1872.

The Wauconda Historical Cemetery Association is comprised of:

Lisa Knight, Director
Arvila Petersen, Trustee
Louise Matthews, Trustee
Steve Pedersen, Trustee

Questions can be directed to Lisa Knight at 847-526-2631 or 505 W. Bonner Road, Wauconda, IL  60084.